Frequently Asked Questions


What experience do I need?

 None at all – qigong may be done by all ages.  Qigong is a form of exercise that may be modified to meet the individual’s level as they practice it increases ones energy in a gentle way.  As the blockage are removed, the energy increases in body and mind which improves general well-being.


What does qigong mean?

“Qi” means life force energy and “gong” means work of cultivation.  Qigong means the cultivation of energy or energy work.  In addition,  qi is the basis of everything in the universe – things we can touch (substance) as well as things we can’t touch (etheral).


Does it really work?

Evidence demonstrates that qigong activates the body's natural healing intelligence and is an effective addition to treatment of illness as well as being used as a preventative and restorative medicine.