Rivka S.


I highly recommend Qigong for Inner Peace Teacher Training. Together the teachers provided a training which will give you a strong foundation in basic qigong. - you will come away feeling confident + excited to go out and teach right away.

John H.


This was a life-changing event for me.  I experienced a deeper peace than I have ever felt, even though I have a powerful yoga practice that is also an anchor in my life.

Suzanne S.


This training opened my eyes to a system of healing that has been transformational in my life. I feel confident that I can take what I've learned and, not only continue my own self-care, but also share the teachings of qigong in the community in an effective and knowledgeable way.

Dayle B.


I highly recommend this training. It's fascinating, fun and enlightening. The trifecta of Maryellen, David and Steve makes for a comprehensive learning experience.

Lenore W.


I appreciated the thoughtfulness and throughness that went into this training. The generosity of the teachers and the way they made the material accessible was great.

Martha O.


This class was transformational. Having never done qigong before, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Maryellen, David and Steve created an informative, expansive and welcoming program that is accessible to all.  They ensured we were lovingly guided and supported as we began this journey. I would highly recommend to all. student comments qigong teacher training Lexington