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Grow Towards Wellness

Choose to be happy, healthy and calm by practicing qigong. Qigong an an ancient Chinese practice for healthy living. Wellness is a process of change and growth infused with intention.  


You Matter

Qigong consists of slow flowing movements, self-massage and breath work. It is also an excellent stretch, improves posture and balance, awakens the brain, calms your mind and stimulates energy flow throughout your body in a gentle, caring way. Qigong may be done by anyone, at any fitness level or age; no special equipment is needed. In order to releases stress, reduce illness, and feel peace, a 15-30 minute daily practice is all it takes! 


Live Your Best Life

To live your best life, apply a healthy approach towards your environment, family life, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, hobbies and work.  When you weave this intention into your daily activities, you start to shift into a new way of being - - -grounded and happy.

About Us

Steve Cunningham, Lic.Ac., Teacher


Traditional Chinese Medicine is at the root of Qigong and is one of the branches of medicine. Steve shares his expertise with the tribe.

Maryellen LaBelle, Teacher


Learn ways to integrate qigong to release stress, feel alive and calm at a deep, healing level.

David Sholemson, Teacher


Music weaves its way into every cell  as you practice qigong and raise your vibrations.